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  • ICAT Certified E-Rickshaw
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    ICAT Certified E-Rickshaw

    The international Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), Manesar in the Northern region is a division of NATIS 
    (NATRIP Implementation Society), an independent registered society and an Apex body for implementation of 
    National Automotive Testing and R& D Infrastructure Project (NATRIP), Govt. of India. National Automotive 
    Testing and R& D Infrastructure Project (NATRIP), Govt. of India.

    International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) is an Automotive Testing and R & D centre. ICAT is the 
    part of NATRIP Implementation Society (NATIS).

    Why ICAT Certified E-Rickshaws ?

    • ●ICAT Certified (Govt. of India Approved)

    • ●Guaranteed Investment

    • ●Legal Vehicle

    • ●Quality Certified

    • ●Insurance

    • ●Complies to MVA (Motor Vehicle Act, 16th Revision)

    • ●Chassis Number Compliant

    • ●Registration Number Compliant

    • ●Complies to the Braking Test

    • ●Complies to Flood, Washing & Rain Storm Test

    • ●Complies to the Power Train Test

    • ●Complies to Lighting Standards

    • ●Ergonomically Designed

    • ●Aerodynamic Design (Best Mileage in its Class)